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It depends on which movie of Hercules you are referring to - there are a few of them.

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Q: What is the difference between thre Hercules myth and the the move of Hercules?
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When is the myth of Hercules set?

The myth of Hercules comes after the myth of Perseus and before the Trojan War.

What is the rising action of Hercules?

rising action of hercules in myth

In what myth did Hercules occur? was a cartoon? might still be one....

What is the difference between a myth and a mythology?

myth was their stories,mythology was their religion

Does Hercules have a constellation?

Yes, there is a myth for that.

Was Hercules a Greek myth?

Hercules was in several Greek myths. He was the son of Zeus.

Did Hercules die in the 12th centry?

The date of Hercules death is not told in myth.

What culture did Hercules come from?

Hercules was from the culture of the Romans. His Greek name was Heracles. The legend of Hercules originates from the myth of Heracles, an ancient Greek myth. Hercules is his Roman name, in the Roman adaptation of the original Greek tale.

Who is trying to kill Hercules in myth?


Is Hercules a roman myth?

Hercules is the son of he Greek god Zeus and herra he's Greek

What is the difference between Irish an Americans myth?

a y

What type of foreshadowing is there in the myth of Hercules?

THE SHADOW is me stepping over the half way line leaping into the atnosphere....and i prefer the myth of the golden fleece!! HERCULES he has rabees he is the ultimate flea and eats chick peas HErcules is a sneaky