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The Romans associated Arcus with Iris.

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Q: What is the greek name for Arcus?
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Who is the greek god Arcus?

Arcus is not a Greek god, but a roman god. She corresponds to Iris, goddess of the rainbow - messenger of the gods, in Greek mythology.

What to call rainbow in romen?

If you mean What is the Latin for rainbow, it is arcus pluvius, or arcus alone, Arcus is a 4th declension noun, so its plural is not "arci" but arcus.

When was Arcus Odyssey created?

Arcus Odyssey was created in 1991.

When did Arcus Odyssey happen?

Arcus Odyssey happened in 1991.

When was Arcus Argentariorum created?

Arcus Argentariorum was created in 204.

When was Arcus-Air Logistic created?

Arcus-Air Logistic was created in 1973.

What is the Latin translation for the word rainbow in Latin?

Rainbow = Arcus Iris; also either word alone. Horace used "arcus pluvius," however most Romans probably just said "arcus."

What is the Greek root of arch?

The arch first appeared in ancient Mesopotamian architecture 2000 BC, and was later used by the Romans to great effect. The etymology of the word is arca or arcus or arc.

How do you say arch in latin?

Arcus (-i, m).

How do you rainbow in Latin?

Rainbow = Arcus Iris

Who is arcus?

(by a can of beans)The best Pokemon in Pokemon

How do you find arcus?

only with cheats sorry