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small pyramid on top

Added: The capstone.

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Q: What is the last stone placed on the pyramid?
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What was placed on the top of the Egyptian pyramid?

What is placed on the top is a peace of stone in the shape of a smaller pyramid with a thin layer of gold on the peace this peace is called the alabaster.

What is a Example of the application of a bronze age innovation?

A stone pyramid

How heavy is a pyramid stone?

One pyramid block or stone is equal to about 2.5 tons. One pyramid block or stone is equal to about 2.5 tons.

Who is the last girl sorted into Ravenclaw in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

The last girl mentioned who was placed in Ravenclaw was Lisa Turpin. She was placed directly before Ron.

How many rows of stone make up pyramid?

The answer depends on which pyramid. Geometrically, one stone makes a pyramid - a trivial one. Four make a proper pyramid.

Who was pharaoh when the stone pyramid was built?

If you mean the Great Pyramid it is Khufu

Which Pharaoh had a boat placed in the pyramid?

the builder of the Great Pyramid Pharaoh Khufu

Why are the untouchables placed where they are on the pyramid?

The Untouchables are slaves therfore they're at the bottom of the pyramid.

What are capstones?

The capstone is the last stone placed on the top of a building or edifice, and can be placed in a dedication of such a building or edifice as to signify that it is finished and the work is done.

What was the true pyramid made out of?


What is a step pyramid made out of?


What was the pyramid made out of?

Stone blocks