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Q: What is the study of ancient civilisations?
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Can an archaeologist study ancient Egypt?

Archaeologists can study any ancient civilisations-including Egypt

Why is it that the ancient civilisations did not have names for Neptune and Uranus?

because ancient civilisations didn't know about the outer planets yet

What is ancient education?

Ancient education is the education which existed in ancient civilisations.

Which modern countries are where the ancient civilisations were?

Which modern countries are where the ancient civilisations were?

How do people live on ancient civilisations?

im a sped

Were ancient Romans Greeks?

No. They were two different civilisations .

What is the name given to a writer in ancient civilisations?


Who destroyed ancient China?

Like all ancient civilisations they were conquered, but have risen again

How do you know the ancient people believed in life after death?

It is attested in the writings of ancient civilisations.

Person who wrote and kept records in Ancient Egypt?

In ancient civilisations it was the scribe

How is fort ancient homes made?

Your question is both not intelligible and too vague. What does how is fort ancient homes made mean? Moreover, ancient homes is very unspecific. There were hundreds of ancient civilisations and different civilisations had different types of homes.

What ancient civilisations were there at the time of the Spartans?

there were the Persians and the Romans and some ancient Greece left at that time