What is the symbols for the titans?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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Yes, every greek god, titan just about anything greek has a symbol.

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The titans were a race of deities - they do not have a common symbol.

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No particular symbols.

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Q: What is the symbols for the titans?
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What are the titans symbols?

The Titans didn't really have symbols. The Titans and Gods were likely just religious figures from separate regions that were ultimately combined into a single mythos. That said, this isn't fiction or fantasy. The gods didn't really have symbols the way we think of them.

What are herakles symbols?

Wooden club, snakes, twin pillars... he doesn't have a symbol, really. Although he is an immortal, he does not represent something the way the gods and titans do.

Which is first clash of the titans or wrath of the titans?

Clash of the Titans then Wrath of the Titans .

What were Hephaestus' sacred symbols?

it means hes a hard working craftsman. he created armor, jewels, ect.. for the titans and other gods, though he was lame they accepted him for that.

Who is Peter Fenge in Remember the Titans?


What did titans do when they get in trouble?

what did the titans do when they annoy Hades

Who told Zeus how to over throw the titans?

Gaea, mother of the titans, told Zeus how to overthrow the titans. She was appalled about how badly the titans were ruling the Earth.

Who was more powerful the Gods or Titans?

In Greek mythology, the Titans were the parents of the Gods. Then the gods killed the Titans in a war

Are the titans the gods of Olympus?

No, the Titans were not the gods of Olympus. The were sort of the generation before them. The Titans were the Elderly Gods.

Is kronos one of the titans?

Yes, king of the Titans.

Who is the giant children of first gods?


What is the resolution of Clash of the Titans?

Resolution of clash of the titans