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Q: What is the value of set of knife forks and spoons plus 6 teaspoons e p n s from the 1920's?
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What is the name for a knife maker?

A Knife maker is a Cutler - which gives the group name of cutlery to knives, forks and spoons.

What kind of kitchen utensils do Australians use?

They mainly use forks, and spoons and, knife.

What side of the plate does the steak knife go on?

the right because it goes, 3 spoons on the left then the plate and then 2 forks and a knife at the end of the right side

What makes up a set of sterling silver cutlery?

Sterling silver cutlery includes: large forks; small forks; knives; small spoons; serving spoons; large fork for serving meat; large knife for cutting meat; cake server.

Was it easy for the pilgrims to make this adjustment to their eating habits?

no because they used to eat with their hands from the pot in which the food was prepared and they didn't had any spoons , they only had knife and forks ................................... you big

Does the knife go on the left or right in a restraunt?

Forks on the left, Knives on the right and spoons horizontal across the top. When eating multi-course meals, you use the cutlery from the outer-most inward.

What is a spoon fork knife combo called?

A group of knives,forks and spoons is not called cutlery as cutlery is a name exclusive to items that cut, so only knives are classed as cutlery. a more accurate term would probably be dining utensilsYou misunderstand the question. The asker did not mean "What is an amalgamation of knives, forks, and spoons called?" They were asking what it is called when they are merged into one, like a spork.

Which side of the plate does the knife go on?

On the right side. Forks on the left, and knife than spoon on the right.

Important kitchen items to have?

Some essential tools not food includeUtensils (spoons, knife's, forks)Other utensils, not as necessary (patty turner, eggbeater, mixer...)FridgeOvenSinkStove (gas or non-gas, doesn't matter)Hope this helps!

What utensil did they not have at the first Thanksgiving feast fork knife or spoon?


What do you use to eat in china or Japan?

chop sticks!knife and forks!fingers!

Pictures of silver wares and their uses?

The most common silverware one can see pictures on a typical kitchen table include knives, forks, and spoons. A knife is used to cut food, a fork is used to pick up food, and a spoon is used to scoop food.

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