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The length of a Pegasi or Pegasus wing span is about 5ft

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Q: What is the wingspan of a pegasus?
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How many Beyblade pegasus are there and which are the best?

There are 5 types of Pegasus legend Cyber pegasus,storm pegasus,galaxy pegasus,big bang Pegasus and wing Pegasus The best is wing pegasus

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were did pegasus live? were did pegasus live?

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What does a pegasus look like? Well, in my opinion, (seeing as I don't think anyone has ever seen one before because they could be a myth) since a unicorn is white, a pegasus is pure black. And I think of a unicorn as always a girl, so a pegasus would always be a boy. Don't ask me how they are born though, because I don't know. Magic, I guess. Anyway, a pegasus has these beautiful wings on his back with a wingspan of 10-12 feet. And he's pure black. Not a very good description, but I hope that's ok.

Which is better storm Pegasus or galaxy Pegasus?

Galaxy Pegasus

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Kate O'hearn is the author of Pegasus She has written three books of Pegasus named: Pegasus and the flame Pegasus and the fight for Olympus Pegasus and the new Olympians

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stardust pegasus is storm pegasus but with blue recolored metal wheel (fusion wheel). galaxy pegasus is still galaxy pegasus

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