What kingdom did senusret rule?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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second kingdom

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Q: What kingdom did senusret rule?
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How long did senusret III rule for in years?

senusret III was pharaoh for 39 years

What is a sentence for middle kingdom?

Senusret ruled in the middle kingdom.

Who is senusret?

Senusret 1 was the second Pharoah of the 12th Dynasty, who ruled from 1971BC - 1926BC. He ruled during the middle kingdom (2000-1800).

Who is Senusret 1?

The Middle Kingdom's Pharaoh in ancient Egypt. He increased Egypt's influence, by building more monuments.

What year was senusret born?

Sesostris I, aka Senusret 1, reigned in the Ancient Egyptian Middle Kingdom from 1908 BC to 1875 BC.I have no record of his date of birth but, assumethat he was born sometime between 1945 BC and 1925 BC

How many kids did senusret the 1st have?

pharaoh Senusret l had no children

What kingdom did mentuhotep rule?

The middle kingdom

Who ruled in Karnak?

Senusret I

Who started the karnak temple complex?

The temple was built during the time of Senusret I in the time of the Middle Kingdom. Amenhotep IV dismantled them, and they are now decayed and falling apart

Did the Mentuhotep's rule begin in the New kingdom?

Nomentuhotep's rule did not begin in the new kingdom

What kingdom did mentuhotep ii rule?

The middle kingdom

Who ruled before or after senusret?

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