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monsoon rains

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Q: What was a major source of water for the Indus civilizations?
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What was major source of water for the Indus civilizations?

monsoon rains

What is a major source of water for Indus civilizations?

Monsoon rains

What is a major source of water for Indus?

Monsoon RainsIndus River

Along what types of geographic features did most major civilizations begin?

Most major civilizations began along rivers, such as the Nile in Egypt, the Tigris and Euphrates in Mesopotamia, and the Indus in the Indian subcontinent. These rivers provided a consistent water source for agriculture, transportation, and trade, which supported the growth and development of early civilizations.

How does the Indus River influence civilizations?

it gives water

What was the indus valley used for?

for the indians to make civilizations and for food and water

The development of early civilization usually depended upon what?

In order for early civilizations to develope they needed a good source of water. With water they could irrigate their crops and improve travel. If they did not have a solid source of water to develop farming early civilizations like the Egyptians(Nile River), Mesopotamians (Tigrus and Euphrates Rivers), or Indus river civilizations would not have survived.

Which was a major source of water for indus civilizationns?

A. Monsoon Rains B. Deep Wells C. The Arabian Sea

What is geographic factors encouraged the growth of indus river valley civilizations?

Water and having the best farmland in the world.

What is river valley civilizations?

during the ancient times river was the only source of water for the people. so they settled near around the river only. the civilizations that flourished in the river valleys are called river valley civilization.

How are Indus and the Nile River similar?

here are some ways they are similarboth are in Africaboth are safe to drink fromboth had a nearby village in B.C. that lived off of the river

Why ancient China civilizations located to where they were?

Ancient civilizations anywhere in the world were always located near a source of water.