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Developments in science, art, and philosophy benefited from the interaction of cultures.

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Q: What was a major trend of the Hellenistic period?
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What were the major philosophies of the Hellenistic period?

The Hellenistic period was an important period for Western philosophy. Some of the major philosophies of the period were Pythagoreanism, Platonism, Cynicism, Stoicism, Sophism, and Pyrrhonism.

The Hellenistic era describes an age that saw?

The Hellenistic period is distinguished by the major influence of Greek cultural in Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is considered hedonistic when compared to the Classical Greek period.

Identify two major cultural areas that contributed to the Hellenistic civilization?

Hellenistic civilization refers to the period between 323 and 31 BCE. The main cultures throughout this period were ancient Greece and Rome.

During what year was the Hellenistic period?

The Hellenistic period lasted from about 323 B.C. - 30 B.C. After Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII killed themselves, the Hellenistic period ended. **Loving it**

Hellenistic period belongs to middle age?

The Hellenistic period is part of the Ancient world, not to the Middle Ages.

What would be a good sentence for Hellenistic Period?

You musn't dare to question the fact that the great university of Alexandria in Egypt was founded during the Hellenistic Period. Aristotle thrived during the Hellenistic Period. Alexander the Great went all "Conquering Hero" on the Persians during the Hellenistic Period.

What were Hellenistic Cities?

There were several Hellenistic cities in the Hellenistic period. A few of the cities were Seleucia, Pergamon, Alexandria, and Antioch.

Hellenism consists of what cultures?

The Hellenistic period occurred in 323 BC. The cultures involved in the Hellenistic period were the Greek and in the Mediterranean.

Why was the Hellenistic period called the Hellenistic period?

The word Hellenistic comes from the Greek word, Hellas, meaning Greece. The Hellenistic period was the period after Alexander the Great's death when his Generals split the empire into four kingdoms between them. These kingdoms were a blend of Alexander's Greek culture with the Persian, Egyptian and many other cultures of the lands Alexander conquered.

What is the trend in electronegativity across a PERIOD?

The trend in electronegativity across a period increases with atomic mass. This trend is the opposite when applied to groups.

Which period in greek history occured last?

The Hellenistic period. :3

Which Greek period marked the end of political independence?

The Hellenistic period after Alexander's death, when his empire was divided up by his generals, who established the Hellenistic Kingdoms.

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