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Metals - metallic tools, weapons and structures.

'Neo' mans new, 'lithos' means stone, so Neolithic Age is New Stone Age.

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pay attention in class

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Q: What was not in wide use during the Neolithic Age?
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What was in wide use during the Neolithic Age?

pay attention in class

What was the wide use during the neolithic age?

pay attention in class

Which metal were the first to be use during the neolithic age?

gold and copper because they were soft enough to be hammered

How do i use the word 'neolithic' in a sentence?

I looked in a text book about the neolithic age. Or DO it your self

The use of metals marked the end of the neolithic age and a?

Begining of the metal age

Use Neolithic in a sentence?

About 10,000 years ago in Soutwest Asia, the Neolithic Era, or New Stone Age started.

During Which age did humans learn domesticate plants and animals?

I believe sometime in the New Stone Age humans had learned to tame and breed animals for their own use.

What did Paleolithic people use bowls for?

they didnt have bowls yet untill the neolithic age

What is the difference between Neolithic and the chalcolithic age?

the transition from the use of stone to metal was slow and gradual.people learn to use copper,gold, silver and finally Europe,the neolithic age was followed by the bronze age,but in India it was not north India,people switched to copper from stones for making axes,spears etc.this period after the neolithic age when copper was used along with tiny stone implements is termed as Chalcolithic age.neolihic age means new stone age

What is the common name for stone age?

The common name for the Stone Age is the prehistoric period characterized by the use of stone tools and weapons.

What is the Neolithic age also known as?

The Neolithic Age is also known as the "New Stone Age" because it marked the transition from the Paleolithic Age (Old Stone Age), characterized by hunter-gatherer societies, to settled agricultural communities. During this period, people began to cultivate crops and raise animals, developing more complex social structures and the use of tools and techniques for farming and pottery.

Does the Stone Age have two periods?

Yes, the Stone Age is typically divided into two periods known as the Paleolithic and the Neolithic. The Paleolithic period spans from about 2.6 million years ago until around 10,000 BCE, while the Neolithic period lasted from approximately 10,000 BCE to 2,000 BCE. These periods are distinguished by advancements in technology, such as the use of stone tools in the Paleolithic and the development of agriculture in the Neolithic.