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Q: What was the name of the capital city ancient Egypt when Seti 1 reigned?
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Who is the God of evil of ancient Egypt?

Although ancient Egypt did not quite had a god of evil,i could give you Seth/Seti as an example. He was the god of destruction, war, dessert and chaos.

What are the famous pharaohs in ancient Egypt?

Tutankhamun, Akhenaten, Hatshepsut, Rameses ii, Seti, Khufu, etc.

Who are some of the ancient Egypt rulers?

The most famous would be Cleopatra. Others include Akhenaten, Ramesses ll, hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Seti l etc...

When was Seti born?

Probably around 1320-1330 BCE. Because Pharaoh Seti ruled Egypt from about 1290 to 1279 BCE.

What city in Egypt did Seti rule from?

it isnt clear which he ruled from but he did rule all of egypt... hope this helps :)

Is Ramesses the great a god?

No, Ramesses The Great is not a God. He was a Pharoah of the 19th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt. Ramesses did claim his father was the God Amun, although everyone knew his real Father was Seti I

What are some of Seti 1's accomplishments?

Why Seti I was famous: Building the Great Temple of Abydos, of Seti I and the Osirion (aka Osireion). ... The Osirion is a tomb, or shrine to the Ancient Egyptian god Osiris. ... Each section of this Ancient Egyptian website addresses all topics and provides interesting facts and ...

Was seti's son Ramses I or Ramses II?

Seti I son was Ramses II, Ramses I was Seti I father

When was Seti I born?

Seti I was born about 1,000,000 BCE.

When was King Seti I born?

Pharaoh Seti I ruled Egypt from about 1290 to 1279 BCE. The condition of his mummy suggests he was less than forty years old when he died unexpectedly, so he would probably have been born around 1320 BCE or soon afterwards.

What do SETI programs search for?

SETI: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

What was seti the 1 achievements?

what dates did seti 1 rule in