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The weakness of Achilles was that when he was young he was foretold that he would die young .

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the heel

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Q: What was the weakness of Achilles?
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Where is Achilles weakness?

His heel

What is the idiomatic expression for Achilles heel?

An Achilles heal is someone's weakness or flaw.

What was Achilles's weak spot?

Achilles' heel was his weak spot thus the saying that someone's weakness is their "Achilles heel."

What theme is Achilles heel?

everyone has a weakness.

What does Achilles heels mean and who was Hector?

''Achilles' ''heel is a seemingly small but actually crucial weakness.''''

How did Paris killed Achilles if he is invincible?

He had a weak spot on his heel that is why a weakness is called an Achilles heel

Name a famous charactes who has an Achilles' heel?

Everyone has a weakness. There is nobody who doesn't have an "Achilles' Heel"

What is a example of allusions in a song?

Achilles' heel is an excellent example of an allusion. Say somebody has a certain weakness that can be taken advantage of. That weakness is the person's "Achilles' heel" because according to mythology, Achilles was immortal except for his heel that was not dipped into the River of Styx, A.K.A. his only weakness.

What warrior was only stopped by the weakness in his heel?


Why was the arrow in Achilles heel the only place an arrow could cause his death?

his heel was his weakness. there is no specific reason, just that for Achilles in particular his heel was his one weakness.

What is a expression that is named after a greek myth?

Achilles' heel. (weakness)

How do you find someones Achilles heel?

Usually by looking for a weakness. No one is perfect, so no one does not have a weakness.