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Some of the first populated countries were Mesopotamia and Egypt. Also India and the rest of Africa. Greece and Rome came shortly after the others.

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Q: What were the first ten populated countries in the world?
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Why are the top ten most populated countries in the world so populated?

because they make a lot of kids hahahaha

What are 10 least populated countries in the world 2008?

In 2008, the 10 least populated countries in the world were: Vatican City Tuvalu Nauru Palau San Marino Monaco Liechtenstein Marshall Islands St. Kitts and Nevis Maldives

What are the ten most populated country of the world?

TOP TEN COUNTRIES WITH THE HIGHEST POPULATION#Country2000Population2010Population2012Population2050Expected Pop.1China1,268,853,3621,330,141,2951,343,239,9231,303,723,3322India1,004,124,2241,173,108,0181,205,073,6121,656,553,6323United States282,338,631310,232,863313,847,465439,010,2534Indonesia213,829,469242,968,342248,645,008313,020,8475Brazil176,319,621201,103,330193,946,886260,692,4936Pakistan146,404,914184,404,791190,291,129276,428,7587Bangladesh130,406,594156,118,464161,083,804233,587,2798Nigeria123,178,818152,217,341170,123,740264,262,4059Russia146,709,971139,390,205142,517,670109,187,35310Japan126,729,223126,804,433127,368,08893,673,826TOP TEN Countries3,618,894,8274,016,489,0824,096,137,3254,950,140,178Rest of the World2,466,012,7692,829,120,8782,921,709,5974,306,202,522TOTAL World Population6,084,907,5966,845,609,9607,017,846,9229,256,342,700

List the ten highly populatated and less populated countries of the world?

Top 5 most populated countries: China, India, United States, Indonesia, Pakistan. Top 5 least populated countries: Vatican City, Tuvalu, Nauru, Palau, Sao Tome and Principe.

What are the top ten populated countries in Europe?

Kosovo and Albania

What are the world's ten most populated countries?

In order most populated to least populated, top ten. China India United States of America Indonesia Brazil Pakistan Nigeria Bangladesh Russia Japan

Which countries have the biggest population?

Top Ten Highest Populated Countries:ChinaIndiaUSAIndonesiaBrazilPakistanBangladeshNigeriaRussiaJapan

What are the top ten most populated countries in Asia 2011?


What are the ten most populated countries?

The ten most populated countries in the world are located on the continents of Asia, North America, and South America. These countries are China (1,343,239,923 as of 2012), India (1,205,073,612), United States (313,847,465), Indonesia (248,645,008), Brazil (193,946,886), Pakistan (190,291,129), Nigeria (170,123,740), Bangladesh (161,083,804), Russia (142,517,670), and Japan (127,368,088).

What were the first ten countries that caused World War 2?

GermanyItalyJapanSoviet UnionBritainFranceUnited StatesPolandChinaThat is a list of nine countries that were involved with the onset of the Second World War.

What are Europe's most populated countries?

Ten Most Populated Countries in Europe:1. Russia2. Germany3. Turkey4. France5. United Kingdom6. Italy7. Spain8. The Ukraine9. Poland10. RomaniaTen Most Populated Countries Wholly in Europe:1. Germany2. France3. United Kingdom4. Italy5. Spain6. The Ukraine7. Poland8. Romania9. The Netherlands10. Belgium

What are the top ten greenest countries?

the top ten greenest countries in the world are:finlandicelandnorwayswedenaustriaswitzerlandirelandaustraliaurguaydenmarkthere you go!