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Acrisius was killed in Larissa, by Perseus. As it was foretold by an oracle that Acrisius's daughter Danae, would have a child that would one day kill him - who turned out to be Perseus

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Q: Where did perseus kill acrisius?
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Who is Perseus's grandfather?

Perseus's grandfather is Acrisius.

Who was the grandfather of Perseus?


What happens to Acrisius in the end?

In the end, Acrisius dies at the hands of his grandson Perseus during a discus-throwing competition. This fulfills the prophecy that his daughter Danaë's son would kill him, as he tried to prevent Perseus from becoming the king of Argos.

How did Acrisius die?

King Acrisius died when his grandson Perseus accidentally hit him with a discus.

Who was Perseus's mortal father?

Acrisius of Argos

How does the prophecy of Acrisius' death come true?

Do you think the oracle’s prophecy to Acrisius will come true? Why or why not?

Explain how Perseus and his mother came to be on the island of Seriphos?

Perseus and his mother arrived at Seriphos by getting dumped in the water by his own grandfather, Acrisius. Acrisius learnt a terrible truth about his future that Perseus would eventually kill him when he grew older. He thought it would sink but it floated all the way to Seriphos where a local fisherman Dictys picked it up.

How is the evil gorgon's head is beneficial to Perseus?

Using the head of Medusa, Perseus is able to destroy the Ketos (the monster to which Andromeda was to be sacrificed) and kill the conniving Polydectes. Some versions also have him using the head to kill his grandfather Acrisius, as well.

Who sealed Perseus and his mother in something?

Acrisius is Perseus's grandfather. He was the one that sealed baby Perseus and his mother in a chest and threw them into the sea.

Who was perseus's mom what was her name?

Her name was Danae, daughter of King Acrisius of Argos. The oracle had told Acrisius that his grandson would kill him, so he imprisoned Danae in an underground chamber without a roof. Zeus came to her as a shower of liquid gold, and impregnated her. Years later, her son Perseus was playing at discus when the wind caused his discus to veer, striking Acrisius in the head and killing him.

Why is Perseus's father send him away?

Perseus was not sent away by his father, but by his grandfather Acrisius. Acrisius had a daughter named Danaë, and when he heard a prophecy that he would die by the hand of Danaë's son, he desperately tried to avoid his fate. Acrisius locked Danaë up in a room that was completely sealed, apart from a hole in the roof through which she could breath and be fed. He thought he was safe, but the god Zeus spotted the lonesome Danaë and payed her a visit, and then fathered her child, Perseus. When Acrisius heard of Perseus, he intended to kill the child, but when he learned that his grandson was a demigod son of Zeus, he dared not do so. Instead he sent Danaë and Perseus away to sea in a chest, saying that their drowning would be the fault of Poseidon.

Who else did Perseus kill besides Medusa?

He kills the sea monster. It was sent by Poseidon to swallow Andromeda for a sacrifice to him. Perseus killed it and saved her by driving his sword in its mouth. He also by accident killed Acrisius, his father-in-law.