Where did the Greeks live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Reputedly on Mount Olympus in northern Greece.

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Q: Where did the Greeks live?
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What Greeks are?

Greeks are the people who live in Greece .

How many Greeks live in Panama?

800-1000 Greeks live in panama. They have a greek church as well there.

Did Greeks live in Antioch?

They did.

Do Greeks still live?

certainly, Greeks still live in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, aegean islands and istanbul.

How did greeks live?

in europe the rented homes for the to live

What type of government did ancient Greeks live by?

the ancient Greeks had a democracy government

Why did the Greeks live?

because they like chicken

Were did the Greeks live?

ummm....greece? c'mon Answer 2: Well, ancient Greeks did not only live in today's Greece, but in many areas around the Mediterranean.

Where did Greeks live?

The ancient Greeks lived in cities (poleis) along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Did ancient Greeks live on Mt Olympus?

Yes, it is.

How did the ancinet Greeks live?

they were kidnaped by monkeys and abused

What did Greeks live in?

Houses, homes, cities and towns.