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The civilization that developed a system of writing using hieroglyphs is the Egyptian civilization. They were very advanced with their writing system.

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The ancient Egyptians developed the system of writing known as hieroglyphs.

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Q: Which civilization developed a system of wrighting using hieroglyphs?
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What is a system of writing using signs and symbols developed by the Mayas?


What civilization developed an early writing system that used cuneiform script on wet clay tablets?

The SUMERIAN CIVILIZATION developed cuneiform as a method of transcribing concepts.

Which civilization developed a form of picture writing?

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia, they developed cuneiform. They also invented the wheel and a number system based on 60.

Why is the egyptian civilization important?

The Egyptian civilization is an incredibly important civilization in human history because of its lasting influence on culture art language and architecture. The ancient Egyptians were the first to develop a writing system they developed a calendar and they made advancements in mathematics engineering and medicine. They were also the first to construct large-scale monuments and religious temples. This civilization has left behind a vast legacy of knowledge that has helped us understand the world today. Here are some of the important contributions of the Egyptian civilization: Developed a writing system Developed a calendar Advanced mathematics engineering and medicine Constructed large-scale monuments and religious temples Left behind a vast legacy of knowledgeThe contributions of the Egyptian civilization have had a lasting influence on the world and continue to shape our culture art language and architecture today.

Why did a system of record keeping develop civilization?

Because of the many things that appeared in a civilization that needed to be recorded.