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levying taxes

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Q: Which power is shared by the federal government and the new york state government?
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Republic Form of Government?

A Federation is a group of independent states, subdivisions or provinces which are united by a common, federal government. In this system of government, there is a division of powers between the "federal" government and the governments of each state. For instance, the federation could manage issues such as national security and defense, a common currency or laws granted by a constitution, but each subdivision, province or state would handle its own laws, educational system or infrastructure maintenance.A modern Representative Republic is a system of government where the people selects certain candidates to represent them as government officials. Most republics are composed by three branches of government: the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary.Some examples of Federal Republics are the United States of America, the United Mexican States (Mexico), the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Russian Federation or the Swiss Confederation.

What was an early form of government in the greek city-state in which a hereditary ruler exercised central power?


How many levels of government are there in Canada?

I think there are 4 different government levels in Canada. Federal-takes care of big business Provincial-takes care of problems in the province Mineral-(I may have spelled that wrong)takes care of town/small business Hope i helped -Yasin

What government did the city state of Epidaurus have in ancient Greece?


How did farmers and commoners support the Inca government?

Farmers had to cultivate the lands of the government and the religion. Commoners also had to supply labor for state projects.