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Q: Which region north of Greece did Ancient Rome control?
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What region is north of Boeotia?

An ancient region of Greece north of Attica and the Gulf of Corinth.

What are Ancient Greece's boundaries?

Ancient greece has 4 main boundaries the north, south , east , and west.

What is the region north of Greece controlled by Rome?


Where did ptolemy live?

Macedonia, a region north of Greece.

What is a ancient country north of Greece starting with thr?


Does Macedonia border with Greece?

No, Macedonia is actually in Greece. It's the biggest in size and second most populous region and it is located in North Greece.

What region did France control in North America?

The region that France controlled is called SOUTH AMERICA

Name of the kingdom north of Greece?

North of the ancient Greek kingdoms of Macedonia and Epirus (Greece) were the foreign kingdoms of Paeonia, Dardania to the north and to the west Illyria.

The ancient kingdom of Kush arose in what region?

north East of Nubia

The most heavily populated region of the ancient china was?

the north china plain

What cultures did both ancient Egypt and Greece trade with?

They Traded The North Sea And The East Super

What is the name of a port in Southern Greece in the North East Peloponnese an ancient city state?