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well, it must have been, just a guess, it could be Amun, Ra or Aten

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Pepi ll ruled longest next to Ramses ll who ruled for 66 years and died at the age of 90

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Q: Who WA the longest ruling pharaoh?
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Who is the longest ruling paraoh?

The longest ruling pharaoh is Ramesses . He ruled the Egypt for about 67 years.

What was the name of the longest ruling pharaoh?

Pepi ll

Who was the longest to ruling pharaoh?

Ramses the second. He ruled for 66 years.

Who was the longest ruling pharaoh in ancient Egypt?

Possibly Ramses II. (just a guess)

Why is Rames the 2nd called Rames the great?

Ramses II was the longest Ruling Pharaoh!!! He built more temples, monuments than any other Egyptian Pharaoh.

Who were the major pharaohs of ancient Egypt?

- Khufu : he built the great pyramid of Giza - Cleopatra : she was the very last Pharaoh - Hatshepsut : she was the first woman to rule as pharaoh in good times - Akhenaten : he changed the religion - Ramses II : he was the second longest ruling Pharaoh and had many monument built - Zoser : he built the first pyramid

But who was the longest reigning female pharaoh?


Who was the longest rulling pharaoh?

Ramesses ii

What is the longest river in wa?

the Gasgoyne

What are the 3 longest rivers in WA?


What was a ruling class of ancient Egypt called?

it was the pharaoh first then something

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