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Pepi II ruled as Pharaoh of Egypt in the longest. He ruled for about 90 years from 2274 BC to 2184 BC.

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two people ruled Egypt the longest nados and grimmo and now remember to keep wathching YouTube yey good by wathch retarted police man on youtube

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Pepi II he lived for 69 years

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Q: Who was the longest reigning pharaoh of ancient Egypt?
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What was the longest time period of a pharaoh in ancient Egypt?

The old

Who was the longest ruling pharaoh in ancient Egypt?

Possibly Ramses II. (just a guess)

Who were the ancient Egyptians ruled by?

The rulers of ancient Egypt had the title Pharaoh.

What for of government did Egypt adopt after gaining its indexpendence?

An absolute monarchy ruled Egypt with a Pharaoh as the reigning monarch.

What did the Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt think of the God Horus?

Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt were believed to be Horus incarnate.

In ancient Egypt rulers were called?

The absolute ruler of Egypt was the Pharaoh.

What was the first pharaoh of ancient Egypt?

Narmer (Menes).

Who was the last pharaoh to ruled Egypt?

Cleopatra was the last pharaoh to to rule ancient Egypt.

How is pharaoh?

Pharaoh is the term for the ruler (king) in the Ancient Egypt.

Who was a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt?

A pharaoh was hatshepsut-female and tutenkamen-male and akenaten-male and pharaohs were considered gods in ancient Egypt.

Who was Ya'kareb and what did he do?

he was a pharaoh of ancient egypt

How was in power in ancient Egypt?

The pharaoh