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In respect to Western History, recognition of the most powerful (or, generally 'best') navy in ancient times must go to Ancient Rome. Decisive in Rome's winning control of the Mediterranean Basin in the 2nd century BC/BCE, the Roman naval force continued to serve its mostly supportive role for Roman land-units during the Imperial Period; it also worked actively to suppress piracy. Its designation as 'best' is given in part because of the its longevity, as is true of much else that was 'Roman' in ancient times.

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Athens had a huge navy! Their main economic activities were sea based, so they protected them. The Athenians defeated the Persian fleet, which was, as legend says, uncountable. To provide an example, have you heard of the Acropolis? Well, this was made by the Athenian naval commander at the battle of 300, and there was a large naval importance there. He got the influence because the Athenian naval commanders were so important, that they had almost as much influence as the king. I would know this. That is why my username is Dagreeks!:)

Well, Dagreeks, you are obviously lacking the knowledge that Sparta also had fierce warriors. Boys as young as seven were trained to fight in the army. All men had to be merciless warriors when the time came; and they were very well trained. Though you sport a good point, Dagreeks, both Athens and Sparta, although they were rivals fought fair.

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Q: Who had the best navy in ancient Greece?
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