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The nymph was called Echo. Hera cursed her by taking away her ability to form her own words. She could only repeat the words that others said.

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Q: Who is the wood nymph annoying a goddess by chattering?
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A wood nymphs constant chattering anyodded goodes the goddness cursed nymph so that they could only speak by repiting the words of other people?

The nymph Echo, cursed by goddess Hera.

What was daphne's the goddess of?

she was not a goddess, she was actually a wood nymph

A wood nymph that annoyed a goddess?

Echo, for one.

What was the name of the wood-nymph who's constent chattering annoyed a greek goddess?

Echo's gossip and tales served to distract Hera, Zeus' wife, while he fraternized with other nymphs. As a result, Hera cursed Echo to only ever be able to repeat what others said.

A wood nymphs constant chattering annoyed a goddess?

Hera was annoyed by Echo in this way and caused her to only repeat what was said to her.

What Nymph that lives in the wood?

A Dryad is a nymph that lives in the wood

When was Common Wood-Nymph created?

Common Wood-Nymph was created in 1775.

When was The Wood Nymph created?

The Wood Nymph was created on 1916-01-23.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Wood Nymph - 1912?

The cast of The Wood Nymph - 1912 includes: Hector Dion as John Gertrude Robinson as Gertrude - the Wood Nymph

Who was the goddess who cursed a wood nymph?

I would believe it to be Hera, and she did it as she was constatly looking at her husband, Zeus's activities with other women.She cursed the nymph to constantly echo her voice in return for her spoken lies about the location/activities of Zeus.

What is the scientific name for the Lepidoptera known as the Pearly wood nymph?

Pearly wood nymph Eudryas unio.

What are the release dates for The Wood Nymph - 1912?

The Wood Nymph - 1912 was released on: USA: 3 August 1912