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Niobe was a woman who boasted that she was more fertile than the goddess Leto as she had many children (accounts vary) whereas Leto had only two, Artemis and Apollo. In revenge Leto sent her two children to kill all of Niobe's, Niobe wept with grief and was turned into a rock, still crying.

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Q: Who was Niobe in Greek mythology?
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Who was the weeper of greek mythology?


Who is the weeper of myth?

In Greek mythology, Niobe is the weeper of myth. Niobe was the daughter of Tantalus and her brothers were Pelops and Broteas.

Daughter of tantalus in greek mythology?

The daughter was Niobe

How did niobium get its name?

Niobium was named after Niobe, the daughter of Tantalus from Greek mythology. This name was chosen because niobium is chemically similar to tantalum, which is named after Niobe's father.

In greek mythology who was amphion of Thebes wife?

Niobe of Tantalus

Which Greek Mythology person has excessive pride?

Tantalus and Niobe

Who lost 14 children as punishment for pride in Greek mythology?

Niobe and Amphion.

What is name of Queen in Greek mythology who grieved continuously for slain six sons and six daughters?


What is the story of Latona and Niobe?

In Roman mythology, Niobe, the queen of Thebes, boasted that she was better than the goddess Latona (Leto in Greek mythology) because she had seven sons and seven daughters, while Latona only had one of each. To avenge their mother's honor, Latona's twins, the god Apollo and the goddess Diana (Artemis in Greek mythology), killed Niobe's children. Apollo killed the seven sons and Diana killed the seven daughters. Niobe grieved so much that her grandfather Zeus took pity on her and turned her into an unfeeling rock. That rock still had a spring of water coming from it.

People turned into stone Greek mythology?

Niobe, turned to stone by Apollo and Artemis. Atlas ind Phineus by Perseus brandishing Medusa's head.

Who died of grief over her son's exile?

Niobe, a figure in Greek mythology, is said to have died of grief over her sons' deaths. Niobe's sons were killed by Apollo and Artemis after she boasted about her superiority over the goddess Leto. This caused Niobe extreme anguish and sorrow, resulting in her eventual demise.

Was Niobe the Greek goddess in war?

No, Athena is