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The scholars who devoted themselves to the study of ancient Roman texts in Latin and ancient Greek texts were the humanists. The father of Humanism was Petrarch who advocated the study of Latin literature and rhetoric. He lived in the 14th century, before the beginning of the Renaissance.

Originally the humanists only studied Roman texts as no one could read Greek and knowledge of Greek works had been lost. The learning of ancient Greek and ancient Greek texts followed the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Many Greek scholars went to Italy, taught Greek and the study of Greek texts. The main effect of this was the revival of ancient Greek philosophy.

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Lorenzo de' Medici devoted himself to studying the subjects taught in ancient Roman and Greek schools. He lived from 1449 to 1492.

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Q: Who was one of the Renaissance scholars and writers who devoted themselves to the study of the subjects taught in ancient Greek and Roman schools?
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What ancient group did renaissance scholars study?

greek writings

Which culture inspired renaissance scholars?

Renaissance scholars were inspired by the culture of ancient Greece and Rome, known as classical culture. They admired the art, literature, philosophy, and architecture of these ancient civilizations and sought to emulate and revive their achievements during the Renaissance period.

What subjects were considered most important during the Renaissance?

Religion, poetry, philosophy, astronomy (there was no difference between astrology and astronomy to the people of the Renaissance) science, mathematics. They were very interested in studying the Ancient Greeks: Plato, Aristotle, Socrates. All renaissance scholars had to know Greek and Latin.

What prompted renaissance?

Scholars had a rediscovery of the ancient classical works of the Greeks and Romans.

How were renaissance scholars influenced by ancient philosophers?

Renaissance scholars were influenced by ancient philosophers through the study and translation of their works, which sparked renewed interest in classical learning. They sought to apply ancient wisdom to contemporary issues, leading to the development of humanism and the revival of classical ideas in art, literature, and philosophy. This integration of ancient thought with new ideas played a pivotal role in shaping the intellectual landscape of the Renaissance.

Whose writings did the scholars of western Europe study during the renaissance?

ancient Greeks and Romans

How did Renaissance scholars ideas differ from medieval scholars?

Renaissance scholars were more focused on secular topics, such as art, literature, and humanism, while medieval scholars focused more on theology and scholasticism. Renaissance scholars also had a greater interest in rediscovering ancient Greek and Roman texts and integrating them with contemporary ideas, leading to a more diverse and worldly approach to knowledge. Additionally, Renaissance scholars placed more importance on individual creativity and expression.

Who were the renaissance scholars that studied classical texts?

Renaissance scholars who studied classical texts included figures like Petrarch, Lorenzo Valla, and Marsilio Ficino. These scholars were interested in reviving classical knowledge from ancient Greece and Rome to spark a cultural and intellectual rebirth in Europe during the Renaissance period.

What was Islam's attitude towards the discoveries of ancient scholars and how did that relationship spark the Renaissance?

Islam's attitude towards the discoveries of ancient scholars was to say they ultimately led to Allah, which sparked the Renaissance by teaching the thinkers how they could present new ideas without angering the Church.

During the Renaissance Europeans uncovered knowledge from what ancient civilizations?

Renaissance scholars investigated the civilizations around the northern Mediterranean, especially the Greeks and the Romans.

What event first caused Renaissance scholars to doubt ancient Greek thought?

Columbus's discovery of the Americas

What learning did the Renaissance scholars want to return to?

Renaissance scholars wanted to return to the classical learning of ancient Greece and Rome, particularly in areas such as art, literature, and philosophy. They sought to revive and rediscover the knowledge, ideas, and cultural achievements of these ancient civilizations in order to inspire new thinking and creativity.