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Q: Who was the last ruler of ancient Greece?
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Did ancient Greece have a ruler?

yes it did

In ancient Greece is a wealthy landowner a tyrant in ancient Greece?

No, a tyrant is a powerful ruler, an aristocrat would be a wealthy person.

He was the ruler of the gods and controlled the heavens............ancient Greece?


First ruler of ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was made up of a lot of small city states, which were each ruled by their own individual ruler. There was no ruler of all of Ancient Greece until the time of Phillip II, Alexander the Great's father, who united all of Greece and Macedonia.

Who is on top of the ancient Greece social structure?

The very top is the Ruler.

How was the ruler of ancient Greece called?

there was no true ruler of all of Greece because a lot of the city states had different governments so they had democracies, monarchies, and oligarchies.

In ancient Greece how was the ruler determined?

Ancient Greece was not a unified country with a single government; every city had its own government, and every city also had its own form of government, and its own method of choosing a ruler.

What gods did Constantine worship?

He was the first Christian ruler in ancient Rome/Greece.

Who ruled over Greece?

Greece has a democratic republic form of Parliament. The Prime Minister of Greece is the head of the Greek Parliament.

What is HERA's last name of ancient Greece?

what is hera's last name in ancient greek

What was Ancient Greece's ruler called?

Ceaser-this didnt help me but it might help u !! ;-)

Who was the last ruler of ancient china?

Liu Bang