Who was the mother of Atlas?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Atlas is a figure from Greek mythology who supported the heavens. His father is

Titan leptus and his mother is Oceanid Asia also known as Klymene, daughter of Ocean.

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Gia was the mother of Atlas

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Q: Who was the mother of Atlas?
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Who is klymene?

Klymene, in Greek myth, is either the mother of Phaethôn: or mother of Atlas, Menoitios, Prometheus, Epimetheus.

Who is maia's mother?

The Greek Goddess Maia's daughter of Atlas and Pleione.

How are Atlas and Zeus related?

Zeus and Atlas are first cousins. Both Zeus and Atlas share the same paternal grandparents, Gaia and Uranus. Zeus' parents are Cronus and Rhea (who are themselves siblings) and his uncle is Iapetus, who sired Atlas with an unknown mother.

Who were Calypso's parents?

her father was the titan Atlas..but there is no evidence to show who her mother was..Esu432: Actually, Calypso's mother was Tethys. I believe Atlas and Tethys had a "secret" relationship. She was part of the OceanidsOceanides.

Who is mother of Hermes?

Maia is the mother of Hermes, she is the daughter of Atlas and Pleione or Aethra. Maia is also one of the seven Pleiades.

Who is the goddess maia in greek mythology?

A Pleiades daughter of Atlas and Pleione, and the mother of Hermes.

What is Atlas' family tree?

Iapetos, a Titan son of Gaea and Ouranos was the father of Atlas, his mother being Klymenê, daughter of Ôkeanos and Tethys; a son and daughter of Gaea and Ouranos.

Who were greek god Maia's Parents?

Maia was one of the seven Pleiades; her father is Atlas and her mother Pleione.

What year did Hermes grandfather died?

The grandfather of Hermes was Atlas from his mother Maia, or Kronos by his father Zeus. Both Kronos and Atlas were immortal and did not die, Atlas was condemned to bear the heavens on his shoulders either as the mountains called Atlas or else becoming the constellation Kneeler. Kronos was driven into to pit of Tartarus later becoming a king of Elysian Islands.

Who was Hermes family?

His mother is Maia, daughter of the Titan Atlas, and his father is Zeus son of the Titans Rhea and Cronus.

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Who is the Greek god who holds up the earth?

Atlas.EDIT from DJNightchild:Atlas isillustrated as the one holding th Earth, but that's not true.He's the one who sepperates the sky from the earth.