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he put atlas under a spell where atlas had to hold up the sky for eternity

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Q: What did perseus do to atlas when atlas was angry at perseus?
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Does Atlas tell Perseus about the gray sisters?

No, he did not. When Perseus met Atlas he had already seen the three sisters and killed Medusa.

Who was rescued by Perseus?

Atlas-Perseus turned Atlas to stone so he could no longer feel his burden Andromeda-she was being sacraificed to Poseidon's sea monster when Perseus saved her.

Who killed medusa and turned atlas into stone?


Why did Atlas tell Perseus to leave?

Because Atlas remembered an ancient prophecy which had warned him that a son of Jupiter [which is Perseus] would one day rob him of his golden apples.

What happened to Atlas in mythology?

well, after the hero Perseus got through slaying the gorgon, Medusa, he rested in the garden of the Hespirides for the night. Atlas was warned that one day a son of Zeus would steal a golden apple from his tree, Atlas assumed that Perseus was the hero of the prophecy, although Perseus WAS a son of Zeus, the prophecy wasn't mentioning Perseus. Perseus saw Atlas and the two began to fight, after fighting for a while, Perseus brought out the head of Medusa, which turned Atlas to stone, and making him a tall mountain, which we know today, as the Atlas Mtns. The hero of the prophecy was ACTUALLY mentioning Hercules, who came a little while after, while he was on his quest to do the 12 impossible tasks.

Who was the titan that held the heavens on his shoulders who was eventually turned to stone by perseus?


Who turned the giant atlas to stone?

Perseus did this. He was flying by with his winged sandals and he saw Atlas holding up the sky. He felt sorry for Atlas and turned him into stone with Medusa's head. This is supposedly how Mount Atlas came about.

Which hero accomolishments inclue killing snakedhaired medusa and turning the atlas to stone?


Which son of Zeus killed the snake haired Medusa and turning Atlas to stone?


Why does atlas want Medusa's head?

He did not, Perseus was sent to fetch the head of Medusa by King Polydektes of Seriphos.

What god killed snake haired Medusa and turned the giant Atlas to stone?

The hero Perseus did. He was, however, not a god.

What is the mythological meaning of atlas?

The Atlas mountains are a range in north west africa, these days stretching over a territory which includes Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. In Greek myth Atlas was one of the Titans (earth-born giants) who attempted to overthrow the gods in a prehistoric battle called the titanomachy. When the titans were defeated Atlas was condemned to stand at the end of the earth (the north-west African coast was the end of the known world to the ancient Greek) holding up the sky. Atlas later quarreled with Perseus, and Perseus turned Atlas into a rock (the Atlas mountains) by waving the head of the Medusa in his face.