Who were the Amorites?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The Amorites are descendants of Amori the fourth son of Canaan and Canaan is the son of Ham, so they are Hamitic in origin not Semitic. For them to be Semitic they would have to descend from Shem, hence the term Semitic witch means descendants of Shem, their history and ancestry shows them to be of Hamitic origin the language they spoke may be related to the Semitic one but language does not change the DNA of a person or a tribe, many archeologist have made this mistake in clasifiyig them as Semitic base on the language they spoke and this has lead to many confusing theories about their origin.Canaan had eleven sons, these are the names of his sons in the order in witch they were born Zidon ( also know as Sidon) Heth, Jebus, Amori, Girgash, Hivite, Arkee, Sini, Arvad, Zemari, Hamath.

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Q: Who were the Amorites?
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The capital of the Amorites was Babylon. :)

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