Why did Greeks white myths?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Greeks wrote myths to explain how the world worked. Examples include why the seasons changed or how earthquakes were created.

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Q: Why did Greeks white myths?
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Who created Greek Myths?

The greeks created greek myths

Why did the ancient Greeks create the myths?

The ancient Greeks created myths because to explain the gods' actions.

How old are Greek myths?

The greek myths are as old as the greeks, for they are who made them.

Do all Greeks believe in myths?


How do you recall in what areas have Greeks myths?

Greek myths come from the country of Greece.

Why did the people in the old times believe in myths?

The myths were the religion of Greeks and Romans. We call them myths, because we do not believe in them.

Did greek myths come before Norse myths?

This is unknown, because only the Greeks wrote about their myths at that time.

What did the Greeks use myths for?

instead of science

How much greek myths were there?

there is no real figure on the amout of myths there are, the Greeks had so many

Why did the Greeks use myths about ther gods?

The Greeks used myths about their Gods to explain... everything. Examples:Natural eventsThings in natureStrange happeningsEventsHow places were made

Why did the Greeks develop myths?

The Greeks used myths to explain events that they did not understand.

Why poems and myths important to ancient Greeks?

They explained all the things that happen in nature. Such as, the 4 seasons. (Persephone). Poems were often how the Greeks wrote the myths.