Who created Greek Myths?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The greeks created greek myths

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Q: Who created Greek Myths?
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When was The Greek Myths created?

The Greek Myths was created in 1955.

Who created the greek god myths?

Ancient Greeks who remain unnamed.

Why did greek develope myths?

The Greeks created myths to explain how the world worked. Examples include why the seasons changed or how earthquakes were created.

What significance did myths have on the Greek people?

The Greek myths were the ancient Greek's religion.

According to greek myths how were women created?

as a curse to men by distracting and destroying them

When did the Greek myths originate?

Greek myths origiated from Greece in 800bce

How old are Greek myths?

The greek myths are as old as the greeks, for they are who made them.

Did Greek create myths?

Myths were created as an oral tradition. Some myths started out as revaluations or dreams some were even true stories, then they morphed into some grandiose story.

Why did ancient Greek write Greek myths?

The ancient Greeks wrote Greek myths so they could explain how the world was created and why certain things on Earth are like what they are. Most myths were part of oral tradition handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation long before the Greeks developed writing.

Why are there no greek myths or roman myths and ledgens?

There are Greek and Roman myths and legends. Have you ever heard of Hercuels, Medusa, Jupiter, Zeus.

What became of Greek goddess Hera according to Ancient Greek myths?

According to Greek myths, she is still alive and well.

Why do Greek myths have mythical creatures in them?

if greek myths dident have mythical creatures it wouldent be a myth.