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There are Greek and Roman myths and legends. Have you ever heard of Hercuels, Medusa, Jupiter, Zeus.

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Q: Why are there no greek myths or roman myths and ledgens?
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What is the difference between the greek and roman myths?

Greek myths are about the Greeks and contain Greek Gods and mythological characters, whilst Roman myths are about Romans and contain Roman Gods and mythological characters.Hope this helps! :)

Is Cupid from the Greek myths?

No, Roman, his Greek name is Eros.

What myths are Hercules in?

Hercules is in Greek and Roman myths. He is a demigod and the son of Zeus.

Is Orion a Greek or Roman hunter constellation?

Orion is a Greek hunter, adopted into the Roman myths.

How is this put in order homer lliad greek myths roman works in the greek tradition greek tradegey renaiassence works inspired by greekand roman literture?

Greek myths the Iliad (Homer) Greek tragedy Roman works in the Greek tradition Renaissance works inspired by Green and Roman literature

Are gods a myth?

Greek and Roman gods are myths

What myth does the chimera come from?

Greek and roman myths

Why did Romans change greek god names?

So the Greek Myths could be understood by Roman people; and so the Greek Myths became a part of the Romans.

What are the common characters in greek and roman myths?

Hercules or Achilles

Why can many mythological characters be referred to by either Greek or Roman names?

The Greek myths are older than the roman. When the Romans came in contact with Greek culture they loved every part of it and applied much of the Greek myths to their own gods.

What are Roman and Greek myths of mars?

They are myths about the god Ares. Ares is the god of war. His roman name is Mars, that must be what got you confused.

What does the word mercurial have to do with greek and roman myths?

Mercury was one of the Roman Gods. He was the messanger god.