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The Greek Gods and Goddesses have Roman counterparts because when the Roman civilization was formed, they adopted Greece's deities. They simply renamed them and edited them to suit their civilization.

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because Greece was mediteranian and was in the center causing a fusion of different culture.

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The Romans loved Greek culture, and took many of the Greek myths and applied them to their own gods.

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So the Greek Myths could be understood by Roman people; and so the Greek Myths became a part of the Romans.

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Q: Why do greek gods and goddess have roman names too?
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What is the greek gods roman name?

It depends on which Greek/Roman god/goddess.

Who is the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite?

The Roman Goddess of love is Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology), her son Cupid (Eros in Greek mythology) is a minor Roman God of love.

Who is the Roman goddess Venus named after?

None of the gods in Greek or Roman mythology are really "named" after anything, sometimes their names mean things in Greek or Latin. Venus was the goddess of love and beauty, and the Greek goddess of love and beauty was Aphrodite. The Romans duplicated all the Greek myths, changing the names to Roman ones, so I guess you could say Venus was named after Aphrodite.

What are the similarities between Greek and Roman gods?

Both Greek and Roman gods are the same in essence, but have different aspects. Roman gods were taken from Greek gods, but tend to be more warlike and disciplined. Just like the Greek and Roman cultures, the Roman gods were more warlike, disclipined and honorable. The Greek gods on the other hand, tended to merge into the more artistic creative side. However, the main similarity between Greek and Roman gods is simply this: They are both the gods of whatever they were in the other culture. For example, Hera from Greek myths, is still the goddess of marriage in her Roman aspect, or Juno. Another example is Aphrodite, she is still the goddess of love in her Roman aspect, Venus.

Who is the love goddess 5 letters?

Roman: Venus, goddess of love and beauty, Queen of the gods. Greek: Aphrotite, goddess of love and beauty Queen of the gods. The Romans used the greek gods in their religion by changing their names. They also made them more war-like. Fortunately, the Romans did not change the god's positions.

Who are the mythical gods?

Mythical Characters are creatures (Roman/Greek) that were legends per-say that were believed to be true... They are both in the Roman and the Greek legends but have different names like there gods/goddesses.

What are greek gods roman names?

His Roman name was Mars.

What are some god names that start with a s?

Aphrodite (goddess of beauty and love) in greek and Venus in Roman Artemis (goddess of the hunt) in Greek and Diana in Roman Athena (goddess of wisdom and war craft) in Greek and Minerva in Roman Apollo (god of medicine and music and oracle god) in Greek and same in Roman Ares (god of war) in Greek and Mars in Roman. None of the Roman names start with an "A" except Apollo but five of the Greek names do. Allah oh and Aeollus.... I believe he is one of the wind gods.

How famous is Hera the Roman goddess?

Hera was a Greek goddess. The wife of Zeus and mother of some gods.

Roman archer gods son of love goddess?

Roman name-Cupid Greek name- Eros

What are the names of Greek gods and goddess that start with p?

See link below.

Different god's and goddess in Roman and Greek mythology?

The names are different, other than that nothing King of the God, lord of the sky-Zeus (Greek), Uranus (Roman) Queen of the Goddess, goddess of marriage, Hera (Greek), Juno (Roman) God of the sun, music, young men-Apollo (greek) Goddess of moon, the hunt, young women, virginity-Artemis (greek), Diana (roman)-twin to Apollo God of wine, festivity, the theatre, party-Dionysus (greek) Bacchus (Roman) Goddess of wisdom, tactical warfare, arts and crafts-Athena (greek), Minerva (roman) God of forgery, technology, fire-Hephaestus (greek), Vulcan (roman) Goddess of the hearth and home-Hestia (greek), Vesta (roman)-NOT an olympian, used to be but left so dionysus could join without being 13) Goddess of love and beauty-Aphrodite (greek), Venus (roman) God of war-Ares (greek) Mars (roman) Messenger of the Gods, travel, robbers-god-Hermes (greek), Mercury (roman) God the Underworld and death-Hades (greek), Pluto (roman) God of the sea-Poseidon (greek), Neptune (roman)