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Monotheism means that you believe in one god. Greek mythology has many gods.

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Q: Why did monotheists do not believe in Greek mythology?
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Why monotheists do not believe in Greek mythology?

Monotheism means that you believe in one god. Greek mythology has many gods.

What is a sentence for monotheists?

Monotheists believe in one God.

Is there any Emily in Greek mythology?

No, I don't believe there is anyone named Emily in Greek mythology.

What are the similarities between monotheists and polytheists?

They both believe in god(s), but monotheists believe in one God and polytheists believe in many Gods.

Why did all Greek people believe in the mythology of era?

Back in Ancient Greek, mythology was created to explain certain things that were not yet known to humans.

What is the Greek mythology chimera's duties?

I believe the chimera was guarding something.

Gods and goddess in Greek mythology true?

No, Greek gods and godesses aren't real. That is why its called mythology. However, the Greek people did believe it was real, and worshiped them and gave them offerings everyday.

Does the great greek mythology exist?

Yes it does, i call it greek Reality, i believe in it, and many others do too

What did monotheists do?

Monotheists believe in the existence of only one God, as opposed to polytheists who believe in multiple gods. Monotheists typically follow the teachings and religious practices associated with their belief in one God. These monotheistic religions include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Why is Greek mythology important in Greece?

Just like some countries have religions they believe in, in Greece they believe in their mythology so that they have reasons for why things were created etc.

Does Zeus Poseidon and Hades still exist?

If you believe in Greek mythology, yeah.

Who invented wings in Greek mythology?

I believe it was Daedalus, who gave the wings to Icarus