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The Ancient Greeks usually didn't wear clothes because they believed the body was beautiful. Therefore, they were convinced it was more than OK to show it off. They also created vivid sculptures of fully nude Greek citizens.

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they wore them because in Greece it is very hot

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Q: Why did the ancient Greeks wear short tunics?
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Did ancient Spartans wear tunics?

does you ancient mother wear a tunic

What did ancient farmers in china wear?


Why did ancient Chinese people wear tunics?

because they had nothing else to wear.

What type of clothes did the ancient macedonians wear?

simple tunics

Did everyone in ancient Egypt wear tunics and flax?

Not all Egyptians wore tunics and flax because they could not afford it; mostly the slaves would not wear this.

What cloths did the Greeks wear?

The ancient Greeks who were higher up in society used to wear things called togas. These were basically sheets wrapped draped round them and then kept in place by a pin. Poorer people would just wear tunics, a sort of dress, with a cord around their waists to stop it from flying up! Hope this helps. :)

What did slaves wear in ancient Greece?

Tunics, nothing or loincloths depending on their services to their masters.

What did ancient greek wear and why?

men wore tunics and women wore wool that was pinned up.

What did the Greeks wear in ancient times?

The ancient Greeks wore togas they are long triangular pieces of cloth.

Did the ancient Greeks wear cotton?

Yes the Greek's did wear cotton

What do serfs wear?

they wear tunics

What type of clothing did ancient Romans wear?

Romans men generally wore togas and tunics. Women usually wore stolas. Children wore tunics.