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Because if they were smart enough to spel "Paleolithic" they were smart enough to build houses.

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2009-10-21 15:53:25
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Q: Why didn't people usually live in caves during the Paleolithic age?
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People did not usually live in caves during the Paleolithic Age because .?

they were too cold and damp.

Which people lived during the Paleolithic age?

they lived in caves \

People did not usually live in caves durning the paleolithic age because?

large animals (a+)

What homes did the Paleolithic people live in?


During which stone age was the art in the Lascaux caves created?

During the Upper Paleolithic era.

What was type of shelter in the Paleolithic era?

During the Paleolithic Era people didn't have shelters and would hide in caves or behind rocks during storms or bad weather.They also made huts and tents out of bones.

What kind of shelter did Paleolithic people use?

The Paleolithic people lived in caves, huts, and tooth or skin hovels near rivers and lakes.

Why did people not live in caves during the paleolithic age?

They were able to build huts or tents that they could live in giving them a much greater range of living possibilities than just what caves they could find.

Facts aout Paleolithic shelter?

Paleolithic shelter was usually erected next to water sources. Caves were used as shelters, as well as houses made inside of caves. The rear of the caves were usually used for garbage. Although there were a large number of hominids on the earth at this time, many wouldn't even see a cave in their lifetime.

What were Paleolithic houses made of?

skin and caves

When was the Paleolithic times?

The Paleolithic times were when people made tools such as...AxesSpearsThey ate food such as...MammothsDeerAnd they lived in caves that were...Made out of bonesWeren't very dryHope this helped!

What did Paleolithic people do for fun?

they made paintings in caves..................................................................................every one should no that stupid idiots..............xD

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