Why is Egypt so sandy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because it's a desert! =D

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Q: Why is Egypt so sandy?
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What is the biggest sand mountain in Egypt?

Great Sand Sea of the Egyptian western Desert, not to confused with Mount Katherine which is Igneous not sandy.

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karnak is very famous as it is in Egypt so Egypt in also famus

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Reality? Egypt is not a monarchy, so there is no king of Egypt.

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Is the lighthouse of Alexandria Egyptian?

It was built in Ptolemaic Egypt, which was Egypt conquered by Greeks. So it's in Egypt, but it was built by Greek conquerors.

Where is the Niger's river delta?

Egypt of course! The Nile is located in Egypt so soils the delta!

Why is Egypt so important to Napoleon?

there like family

Why was Egypt so easily united?

because of its religion

How many years has it been since Egypt and now?

Egypt is a place, not a time or date, so the question cannot be answered.

Is sandy soil found in deserts?

Yes. Because the sandy soil is from the biggest sandy ocean that float in the sea ♥

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