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If he was a military historian. Other historians look at social and developments and regressions.

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to organize historical events based on shared characteristics over long period of time

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Q: Why might a historian use periodization when writing about ancient greek?
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Who founded history?

History, as a subject of study and writing, was founded by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus.

Which Greek historian wrote old stories about ancient people?

Pindar and Pausanias.

You are the great Greek historian who recorded old stories about ancient people who are you?

I could be the great ancient Greek historian Plutarch who lived from 46 AD to 120 AD. The dates of my birth & death are approximations.

Which Greek historian started false rumors about the people who built the pyramids?

Which ancient Greek historian started a false rumor concerning the people who built the pyramids?

Did the ancient Egyptians invent the computer?

According to the Greek historian Herodotus ancient Egyptians used abacus.

What historian did Shakespeare use as a source for writing Julius Caesar?

It was probably based on the translation of the Ancient Greek historian, Plutarch, by Sir Thomas North.Addition:Shakespeare used Thomas North's English translation of Plutarch's The Life of Caesar and the Life of Brutus.

Who was the ancient greek historian who traveled to Egypt and wrote about the culture?

Hecataeus, Herodotus,

What is the job called for a person who studies greek history?

A Classicist or an Ancient Historian

Why are greek historian's important?

Because they find well imformation that is very ancient

Was Thucydides a famous historian?

Thucydides was a famous Greek Historian. He was writing in the 5th century and focuses on the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta.

Who wrote the history of Greece during the fourth century BC?

The fourth century Greek historian was Xenophon (355 BCE). The great Greek historian, Herodotus, was writing during the 5th century BCE.

What ancient historian provided an excellent account of the Punic War Battle of Cannae?

The ancient Greek historian, Polybius recored the events at the Battle of Cannae. He is given credit for his works on the Punic Wars.