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A Classicist or an Ancient Historian

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Q: What is the job called for a person who studies greek history?
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What is the meaning of hellenists?

A Hellenist is a person who studies, or admires Greek civilization, history, customs and culture; also someone who learns and uses Greek speech.

What careers involve Greek mythology besides teaching it?

Careers that involve Greek mythology besides teaching include museum curator, archaeologist specializing in ancient Greek history, writer or author focusing on mythological themes, and librarian with a focus on classical studies.

What do call a person who studies clouds?

A person who studies clouds is called a meteorologist or a cloud scientist. They study the formation, behavior, and composition of clouds to understand weather patterns and atmospheric processes.

A person who studies or work in one particular area of a subject is called a?

A person who studies the earth's structures is called a geographer. The prefix 'geo' is a Greek word that means earth or land.

What is a name of a person who studies fish?

The word is ichthyologist, from the Greek root ichthys.

In Greek who was called the father of history?


What was a person from Greece called?


What is dinosaur terminology?

The scientific names are derived from Greek and, the person who studies dinosaurs and, fossil's is a Paleontologist.

What is the name of a person who studies colors?

The proper name is chromalogist. Chroma being the Greek word for color.

Who was the most important person in greek history?

There were many influencial people in the Greek era each with their own inspiration.

Why are geologists called geologists?

Geologists are called geologists because they study the Earth's structure, composition, and processes. The term "geologist" comes from the Greek words "geo" meaning Earth and "logos" meaning study or knowledge.

When was Journal of Modern Greek Studies created?

Journal of Modern Greek Studies was created in 1983.