Why were serfs important?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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because people needed slaves

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Q: Why were serfs important?
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Whats so important about middle ages and lord and serfs?

a serf is a person who worked on the lord manor and make food

What is a knights most important job?

A knights most important job was to protect the serfs of the village.

Why were serfs so important to the manors?

As the laborers, they provided the income for the estate.

Why was serf important to fedualism?

The serfs were the people who supplied everyone with food and labor.

The most important action of Alexander II was to?

He was responsible for the emancipation of the serfs and other important reforms that modernized and Westernized Russia's institutions.Abolish serfdom

What is most accurate about the serfs?

Serfs were bound to the land.Best of luck to A+Serfs are bound to the land. A+

How were serfs an important part of the manor system in the daily life in medieval Europe?

the nobles need food from them

Who is the least important person in the feudal system?

Slaves, below even serfs.

What is the most accurate statement about serfs?

Serfs were bound to the land.Best of luck to A+Serfs are bound to the land. A+

What religion are most serfs?

Serfs are Islamic

Who was the bottom of the feudal tree during the middle ages?

In most places the bottom level of the feudal pyramid was occupied by serfs and other laborers. In a few parts of Europe, there were slaves, but slavery was not usually legal, and serfs were not slaves. Serfs were not entirely free, but did have important rights. There is an link below to an article on serfdom.

How many serfs are in Russia?

There are no serfs in Russia today.