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a serf is a person who worked on the lord manor and make food

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What is important about middle ages, lord, and serfs is their interdependence.

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Q: Whats so important about middle ages and lord and serfs?
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What did the middle ages had that we don't?


What are facts about serfs in the middle ages?

they were swagadelic

What did serfs look like in the middle ages?

a serfs house was plane and old

What was the need for knights in the middle ages?

Land and serfs.

What types of peasants were there in the middle ages?

Serfs and Freemen

During the middle ages which was the lowest class nobles serfs or vassels?

serfs and freeholders (peasants)

Why did serfs and peasants get treated unfairly in the middle ages?

Because they were

What were the regular or poor people in middle ages?

Peasants and serfs

What is the difference between lords knights and serfs in the middle ages?


What is the lowest class of commoners called in the Middle Ages?


What was the role of the serfs in the middle ages?

It was called the code of chivalry.

Who protected the kings land which the serfs worked?

During the middle ages serfs worked for their lords and that is who protected them.