Did Donatello have any kids

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The Italian sculptor, Donatello, never married and had no children.

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Q: Did Donatello have any kids
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Did Donatello have any siblings?

Donatello did not have any siblings

How many kids did donatello have?

he did have a kid but he beat his wife and therefor killed the baby inside her

Who is stronger donatello or michelangelo?


Witch teenage mutant ninja turtle wears purple?

Donatello wears the Purple Band Michaelangelo wears the Orange Band Leonardo wears the Blue Band Rapheal wears the Red Band

What ethnicity was Donatello?

Donatello was Italian, from Florence.

Who really is donatello?

Donatello was a sculpture and he was a friend of the Medici's

Donatello's first name is?

I think his name is Donatello Bardi or something.

What is the birth name of Donatello?

Donatello's birth name is Giuliano Illiani.

When was Donatello born?

Donatello was born on 1386 in Florence, Italy. (Date Unknown)

Did donatello have a duaghter?

Donatello did not have a daughter. Scientists and archeologists have identified that he wasn't even married.

Donatello-in what country did you apprentice or study?

Donatello was apprenticed by Lorenzo Ghiberti in Florance, Italy.

Did donatello have a girlfriend?

if u are refering to the nija turtles yes donatello did indeed have a girlfriend