Did H Hargrove paint sports

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If at all, it must have been very rarely.

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Q: Did H Hargrove paint sports
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Did h hargrove paint Louis Armstrong?


Did the artist H. Hargrove ever paint a picture of thoroughbred horses racing?

I just came from a consignment shop where there was a Kentucky Derby painting by H. Hargrove.

Did h hargrove paint any horse racing pictures?

yes a horse race at churchhill downs

Where can I find a list of H Hargrove paintings from 1981?

I have a painting of the Memphis Delta Queen it says its by H. Hargrove is this true

Did H Hargrove paint an oil painting on canvas of a football game?

He did at least one b/c its hanging in my room. It is of a giants 49ers game.

Who is h hargrove?

A famous inventor

What is the name of the H Hargrove painting of a boy at the zoo looking up at a giraffe?

The H. Hargrove painting of a boy at the zoo looking up at a giraffe is entitled, "Boy with Giraffes". H. Hargrove's real name is Nicolo Sturiano. He was born in 1941.

Where does h hargrove live?

H. Hargrove Studio638 Arnold Ave.Point Pleasant, NJ 08742Phone: 732-899-2338Fax: 732-736-1808Email - hargroveamerica@aol.com

Does h hargrove have a painting of a race at churchill downs?

yes i have it.

Is there a book that illustrates the paintings of H Hargrove?

There isn't a specific book dedicated solely to illustrating the paintings of H. Hargrove. However, you can find his works featured in various art books or publications that highlight American contemporary artists or realistic painters. Additionally, you may explore H. Hargrove's official website or online galleries to view and purchase prints of his paintings.

What is the value of H Hargrove painting called first step?

The value of Hargrove painting called the first step is between $900.00 and $1,500.00.

What is the value of H Hargrove serigraph of a barn with a horse in a stall?

fiddy cent