Did Verrocchio have children

Updated: 4/28/2022
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None are known.

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Q: Did Verrocchio have children
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Who is Andrea del verrocchio's' wife?

Andrea del Verrocchio never married, but lived in the house of his married sister and her many children.

Who did Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci train under?

He was apprenticed to Andrea del Verrocchio.

When was Andrea del Verrocchio born?

Andrea del Verrocchio was born in 1435.

Where did Leonardo da Vinci begin his apprenticeship under Verrocchio?

In Verrocchio's workshop in Florence.

Who was Leonardos mentor?


Did Leonardo da Vinci work with Verrocchio?

Yes, Leonardo was Verrocchio's apprentice and took part in some of his paintings.

What is Verrocchio's favourite painting?

What Verrocchio thought we do not know.Perhaps you mean what Verrocchio painting is people's favorite today?Probably The Baptism of Christ, mainly because the young Leonardo da Vinci assisted painting parts of it.

Where did Leonardo da Vinci receive his training?

His first apprenticeship was in 1470 in the studio of Andrea del Verracchio.I

Who was da vinci's mentor?


What is Andrea del verrocchio art studio called?

During the Renaissance, artists were considered just craftsmen and had workshops. So, Verrocchio's Workshop is your answer.

Who was Leonardo da vinci's mentor?


Where did Andrea del Verrocchio live?

In Florence.