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leonid afremov had 3 children :)

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Q: How many children did leonid afremov have?
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How many portraits did leonid afremov have?

Leonid Afremov have only one portrait, L.Afremov

How many brothers did Leonid Afremov have?


Did Leonid Afremov die?

He isn't dead.

When did leonid afremov die?

He isn't dead.

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Where did Leonid Afremov live?

i think he lives in a cardboard box on the m1 living off road kill

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What is the names of Nikita Khrushchev's Children?

The names of Kruschev's children are Leonid and Yulia, Sergei and Elena, two each from two marriages.

What is the birth name of Leonid Kraynenkov?

Leonid Kraynenkov's birth name is Krajnenkov, Leonid Sergeyevich.

What is the birth name of Leonid Lyubashevsky?

Leonid Lyubashevsky's birth name is Lyubashevsky, Leonid Solomonovich.

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Leonid Markin's birth name is Leonid Vladimirovich Markin.