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Greek and Roman Culture

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Q: Donatello's sense of naturalism in figurative sculpture was in part inspired by?
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What creature inspired gaudi's famous animal sculpture in Barcelona Spain'?


What creature inspired Antonio Gaudi's famous animal sculpture in Barcelona Spain?


What inspired Chihuly to make glass sculptures?

Chichuly's mother inspired the sculptor. Her mother was very sick that time and a glass sculpture was her last wish to him

How was davids oath of the horatii inspired by classical greek and roman?

Figures were modeled after Classical sculpture.

What motivated Claes Oldenburg in soft sculpture?

He was inspired by his wife, they wanted to add a softer side to his sculptures

How was david oath of Horatii inspired by classic Greek and roman art?

Figures were modeled after Classical sculpture.

Which of the following statements describes a way Classical Greek and Roman sculpture inspired Renaissance sculptors such as Michelangelo?

They used the nude as a subject matter, depicting its beauty and strength.

Who is Liz Frolich?

A sculptural Artist based in Sheffield, who makes her sculptures from found objects which she takes apart reworks, ages and reforms to create a sculpture that is wierd and wonderful, often inspired by nature.

What does the Titirangi Roundabout Sculpture mean?

I found this on the Waitakere City council websiteThis is one of the Waitakere's distinctive landmarks and is perhaps one of our more controversial works of art. It was the winning concept in a competition for young design students. Artist Lisa Higgens enlarged her jewellery designs, inspired by lichen and algae, and these organic shapes evolved representing the regeneration of life. Where to find this sculpture?The Titirangi Roundabout, at the intersection of Titirangi Road and Scenic Drive. The sculpture is located inside the roundabout and is much larger than this picture suggests

In 1932 what was the sculpture called that Alexander calder made?

There were a number of works created by visionary artist Alexander Calder in 1932. Most notably, "Mobile" a balanced sculpture in wood, wire, metal and string, was a revolution in the art world as it brought animation to form. From this, dubbing the term Mobile sprung as an accepted name of this kinetic form. There are suggestions that these works were inspired by the paintings of his friend Joan Miró.

What inspired Donatello to sculpt?

The main thing to be considered is the importance of the singularity of the question "inspired". Firstly, we must think that the humanistic personality of Donatello is the Epiphany of many artists. Secondly, his characteristics were exaggerated by the importance of his public life. Therefore the cause of his impressionism was the fact to tolerate Ki

What type of witer was Theodore dreiser?

he was a writer of naturalism...he focused on things that no one during his time really focused onDreiser followed some techniques of Zolaesque Naturalism, but there is a great difference between the two writers. He is best in his realistic portrayal of how life grinds a poor boy below the average intellectually and spiritually into fragments. He showed the sordid nature of materialistic pursuit in Sister Carrie, An American Tragedy and Jennie Gerhardt. But in the trilogy The Financier, The Titan and The Bulwark he transcended the naturalistic techniques. The theme of Renunciation of the Bhagavad Gita inspired his characters in The Titanand The Bulwark.Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee