Famous German 15th century artist

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Albrecht Dürer worked 15th - 16th centuries.

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Q: Famous German 15th century artist
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Art in the 15Th and 16Th century?

donatello was a artist he became really famous and traveled to florence

Who invented drypoint engravings?

It is believed that Drypoint had been invented by the Housebook Master, who was a south German artist in the 15th Century.

In which century was the artist Michelangelo born?

He was born in 1475, which is in the 15th century.

Is Leonardo da Vinci a rapper?

No, he is a 15th century artist/ inventor.

What 15th century Italian artist would have influenced Leonardo?


Who was the 15th century Flemish artist who painted St Ursula?

Hans Memling

Who were the famous scientists of the 15th century?

Davinci 1452

The renaissance beginnings artist and values?

The renaissance beginning artist was in the 15th century. The value of the art was powerful and priceless.

Why is Guillaume Dufay famous?

Guillaume Dufay was a composer in the 15th century.

Was lager from the British emPire?

Lager is a German 'invention' known since the 15th Century

What famous people lived in 15th century?

Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton,

Who is Geoffery Chuacer?

A man That Lived In The14th and 15th century he is a famous writer and is famous for writing the cantebury tales.