Find the value of Thomas Kinkade Plates?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I have several Kincade prints and one 1999 Christmas Plate "A Holiday Gathering" #16724A. Framed "Spring Gate" Framed Autumn Gate" Framed large "Foxglove Cottage" Flower Cottages of Carmel III and a framed Light House water color 3/16 I want to sell these items and would like assistance on where to get the best price. Thank You for your help. All are in impecable shape and the plate is still in its box. Thanks! Mary @

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Q: Find the value of Thomas Kinkade Plates?
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What online stores carry canvas art prints by the Artist Thomas Kinkade?

You can find canvas art prints by Thomas Kinkade at many online art dealers. One authorized dealer would be Gallery Direct Art at

How can you find older thomas kinkade teleflora series?

Currently at All Your Events Floral & Gifts you can get the every year. We offer shipping as well. You can contact at 573-765-3986 or on our website: just click the contact tab and put Thomas Kincade in the subject line. Hope this is helpful.

Have a Sevres porcelain plate circa 1840 with a hand painted portrait of the Duc de Bourgogne on it It has the royal mark on the back and the mark of the Chateau de Tuileries What is it worth?

I can't tell you the value, but I can tell you how to find out. There are collectors books that list the secondary market value of plates and other items. You can look in one of these books under the makers name/brand and it will list the plate by name and date. Since yours is so old it may not be listed. Just the fact it is an antique makes it worth something to a collector of plates. The value for a collector is determined by how good shape it is in. If there are any chips or cracks in the plate or if the picture on the plate still has its colors and there is no fading the value goes up. How rare the plate is may determine value. You could take your plate to an antique dealer to see what they offer, but be careful they will offer you less than its true value.

What did Victorian Era plates look like?

Victoria era plates often featured scalloped edging with patterns of floral designs. Gold accents were also often used in this era. It was also not uncommon to find patterns giving tribute to the Queen.

Where can you find the value of Marc Chagall's lithographs?

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Where can you purchase Thomas Kinkade art?

One can purchase Thomas Kinkade art from a variety of locations. You can order directly from the online Thomas Kinkade gallery, or you can also find pieces at specialist auctions.

Where can you find the rest of the figures for Thomas Kinkade Nativity scene you have half the set?

Thomas Kinkade was famous for his Christmas art and figurines. Thomas Kinkade nativity sets are sold by numerous venders online for around 60 dollars apiece.

Where can one find information about Thomas Kinkade Christmas store?

Thomas Kinkade has his own website with information about all his products. Local art stores and Christian bookstores will also have information and Christmas items relating to his art.

What online stores carry canvas art prints by the Artist Thomas Kinkade?

You can find canvas art prints by Thomas Kinkade at many online art dealers. One authorized dealer would be Gallery Direct Art at

Where would one find Christmas cards featuring the art of Thomas Kinkade?

Christmas cards with artwork from American painter Thomas Kinkade are found at a couple of specific retailers in the United States. The biggest is Hallmark, but also Day Spring's site sells these cards.

Is anyone selling items having to do with Thomas Kinkade's death?

One place you may be able to find Thomas Kinkade memorabilia is EBay, where people list all kinds of things for bid. Other places include yard sales, estate sales, and flea markets.

Where can one purchase Thomas Kinkade puzzles?

The best place to buy these would be at a local antique or collectors shop. To find a list of these shops in your area consult your yellow pages. The stock of these stores is highly variable so calling once a week for stock updates is advised.

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