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Q: Where can you find the value of Marc Chagall's lithographs?
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In the painting 'Tiger' by Franz Marc is there anything different unique or challenging about the artwork?

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Have a Sevres porcelain plate circa 1840 with a hand painted portrait of the Duc de Bourgogne on it It has the royal mark on the back and the mark of the Chateau de Tuileries What is it worth?

I can't tell you the value, but I can tell you how to find out. There are collectors books that list the secondary market value of plates and other items. You can look in one of these books under the makers name/brand and it will list the plate by name and date. Since yours is so old it may not be listed. Just the fact it is an antique makes it worth something to a collector of plates. The value for a collector is determined by how good shape it is in. If there are any chips or cracks in the plate or if the picture on the plate still has its colors and there is no fading the value goes up. How rare the plate is may determine value. You could take your plate to an antique dealer to see what they offer, but be careful they will offer you less than its true value.

Where can you find information on floral stillife painter Rossy?

I have been trying for some time to find information on this artist. I also have a floral painting by this artist and would appreciate any information available. Does this painting have any value? You can email me at

Trying to find an artist by the name of Paragol I Have 2 paintings and trying to find their value?

I wasn't sure how to ask a question. I am in the same position. I bought an oil painting back in 1992. It is a painting of a girl in turn of the century fashion. She is leaning on her knee on a piano bench with her hand on the keys. I have tried for YEARS to find something out about this. Somebody out there must know something. Please help! On the bottom right corner the name Paragol is printed. Any information will be greatly appreciated. my email isilligrl69@yahoo.comThank you for reading this.

When was Catherine O'Byrne born?

This information seems hard to find, but you can contact the artist from the site you will find clicking the link below.

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