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yes, I have two water color painting from the artist, but i am also trying to find out how much they are worth . all I know is that a painting by the same artist on eBay sells for 2,000, but besides that i cant find anything about j.m gallais i have looked on the internet for hrs and cant find anything. I hope this helped a little.

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On eBay and similar sites there are often works by JM Gallais for sale, but nobody seems to know anything about him/her.

I have 2 of Jean-Marie Gallais' watercolors also; both 1964; Skating in Central Park and The Public Library at Fifth Avenue. After seeing some claims of "original" works I continued my search and found an artist, J-M Gallais in France at the J. Bastien art gallery, however he only shows several (similar) sculptures for sale dated 2005. I have contacted them to see if these are the same artist as of course they are of the nature to utilize any medium for artistic expression, as we all know! Other artists at this gallery have photos we can see, whereas J-M Gallais does not, which I also find curious. I will continue to explore.

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Q: Has anyone heard of an artist named J M Gallais?
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